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Espiritualité SJC

The spirituality of Saint Joseph of Cluny

It is a LIFE  rather than a formula, which calls for a response according to the signs of the times.  It defines our identity, our unity.  It renews itself even as it is shared, and it becomes incarnate in different cultures where it finds favourable conditions as well as obstacles.

It is DYNAMIC, influencing our lives and inspiring our community projects.  It is broad enough to allow us to be available to the needs of our times, to bear witness at the heart of widely differing mentalities.


It is a GIFT bestowed on Anne Marie Javouhey for the Church.



She was free to love 

Her life and her letters speak of her intimate union with God, her burning zeal for the salvation of all and her compassionate love for the most abandoned.


She was ready to do anything in order to extend the Kingdom of God.

Her missionary audacity was founded on the conviction that she was sent by God to free all persons from different types of slavery and restore to them their dignity of being children of God.


She had the qualities of a prophet:

La familiarité avec Dieu est lumiére

- the ear of the disciple: constant, intimate familiarity with God

- a clear vision of the world in which she lived: she wanted to be of her time to win it for God.              

- faith in a better future which means changing the present

- a call to a very concrete mission, being sent to a definite group

- response to the challenges of her time by rooting our evil

- giving hope to those ‘wounded by life’ all children of the same Father.

 She believed in the Word of God, effective and creative in the midst of chaos



To do the Will of God, like the obedient Christ,

sent by the Father to save all humankind.

To have an apostolic heart which finds its strength in prayer.



Simplicity and availability.

Ability to adapt, detachment.

Discernment of priorities so as to find suitable answers.

Attuned to the Spirit who renews us and helps us to take risks.

Openness to the signs of the times and to the cries of today’s world.


United in our diversity,

from all nations to all nations,

 sent for the salvation of all peoples.



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